Cheesy Chicken Potato Bake

Cheesy Chicken Potato Bake, a fabulous dinner idea that everybody gets to enjoy. Big on flavours, with a subtle garlic kick, this hearty casserole ticks all the boxes when it comes to an easy family meal. High in protein, this chicken and potato bake makes a complete meal no matter the season. Hearty, comforting, cheap. And so tasty. #chickenrecipes, #chickenbake

The satisfying effects of different foods are related when you choose to eat them during the day. If you consume foods that have satisfying effects for breakfast, you will feel full throughout the day.

Everyone looks for a magic formula that makes him feel full after eating and helps to lose weight. Sorry to blow your imagination bubble, but there is no such magic formula. However, there are many foods that have a satisfying effect. Thus, you can suppress your hunger longer and consequently eat less.

Why are some foods more satisfying than others?
The feeling of being fully saturated means being completely satisfied. In this case, being completely full after eating means . When your brain receives a signal of satiety, your body will no longer need food. If it did not exist, we would be eating all the time.

When foods have a satisfying effect, you eat less and feel full. Therefore, you reduce your calorie consumption, which helps you lose weight and maintain your normal weight.

There are several reasons why some foods are more satisfying. For example, some act on hormones. Certain foods act directly on saturation hormones, help suppress your appetite.

Foods that grow when digested and contain high amounts of fiber have satisfying effects. These foods slow the digestion time and allow the stomach to evacuate more slowly. Foods containing mostly water and air will also make you feel full.At the same time, less processed products and those with high protein give a greater feeling of satiety when digested.

Knowing which foods have a satisfying effect will help you feed yourself properly. This means that you will consume meals that meet your nutritional needs and improve your bodily functions.

Foods with Saturating Effects
Fruits and vegetables make you feel more saturated because of their high water and fiber content. They are low in calories and feel full . So you consume more calorie foods less. Since they are very diverse, you will not get bored while consuming them and you can continue to eat constantly:

Apple makes you feel fuller. It contains fibers that swell in the stomach and suppress appetite.
Melons and strawberries are low in calories and contain plenty of water, so when you consume them , you get enough.
Remember, to feel more saturated, it is better to consume it fully, rather than drinking the juice of the fruit.

Tomatoes have a high water content.
The artichoke contains plenty of insulin, so it stabilizes blood sugar levels and reduces your appetite.
Eggplant is also filling. It is low in calories, high in fiber and easily digestible.
Cooked potatoes are the food that satisfies the stomach the most. It is healthy and has a high nutritional value. Likewise, it contains fibers that assist bowel movements. It is low in fat and has a protein that suppresses appetite.
A hearty breakfast with eggs and oatmeal

The egg also has satisfying effects. Eating eggs at breakfast reduces daily calorie intake due to its high protein content. It has been proven that eating eggs at breakfast helps lose weight. The process of digestion of the egg is more complicated, so it takes longer to evacuate from the stomach.

While researching hearty foods, we encountered oatmeal. This low-calorie and high-fiber food is satisfying and makes you feel full. Eating oatmeal for breakfast means you won’t be hungry until lunch.

A good soup… and legumes
You might believe that the soup won’t keep you full because they’re liquid. In fact, this is true. Soups are also included in studies on foods that have satisfying effects. Soup makes you feel full in your stomach for longer.

Pulses produce satiety, provide fibers that regulate bowel movement, and are low in calories. Beans, lentils and peas have high nutritional values ​​in addition to making you feel full.”

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