Comfort Food Chicken Pot Pie made with Sprouted flour- THM XO

Do you ever crave some kind of comfort food? Sometimes a hearty casserole is just what the body needs. Search no more with this Chicken Pot Pie.

“10 gold advices to be healthy and live healthy

Enjoy your nutrition.
Take care of variety in your diet.
Include enough whole grains in your diet.
Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.
Reduce oil consumption.
Do not consume sugar and sugary foods very often.
Consume less salt.
Drink plenty of water.
Be mobile, maintain your healthy body weight.
Eat regularly, do not neglect breakfast.
Basic principles of adequate and balanced nutrition

Take care of your daily energy intake. Taking too much energy causes obesity, getting too little causes poor nutrition. To do this, review the amount of foods you eat and your movements.
Eat regularly. Plan your daily diet for an average of 4–6 meals. Less than three meals can lead to malnutrition, and more than six meals can cause obesity due to frequent snacks.
Try to consume 2–3 liters (10–15 cups) of fluid per day. For this, water, green-black tea, linden, rosehip, sage tea, mixed tea, milk instant coffee, hot-cold lemonade, ayran, kefir, soda, boza, salep, soup, turnip, etc. drinks can be consumed.
Take care of variety in your diet. Because the body needs about 50 types of nutrients classified as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. It is not possible to provide all these items with a single food.
For example; milk is mainly rich in calcium, meat iron, vegetables and fruits rich in fiber and vitamins, bulgur B1, B2 vitamins.

Prefer those made from natural (unbleached, bran-free) flour for bread. Because natural flour and foods such as bread, pasta and noodles made from it contain many vitamins, minerals and fiber at higher levels than unnatural ones. With these features, they are protective against cardiovascular diseases, obesity, constipation and cancer. Bulgur is also a natural grain product. It should be consumed frequently.
Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Fruits, especially vegetables, protect them from obesity because they contain low calories, many intestinal diseases including constipation and cancer due to their rich fiber content, and because they contain many kinds of active elements, some types of cancer also protect from cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, eat 2–3 medium-sized fruits, 3–4 servings of cooked or raw vegetables every day. Especially prefer green, yellow, orange and red ones. For example: dark green leafy vegetables, carrot, apricot, citrus, blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, red cabbage, paprika, beetroot, broccoli, tomato, black grapes.
Prefer those produced in the season of vegetables and fruits. For example, eat tomatoes, watermelon in summer, carrots in winter, orange.
Reduce your oil consumption. Try to use oils such as olive oil, hazelnut oil, sunflower, corn oil, canola instead of solid oil in your meals. Avoid toasting while cooking your meals. Because, during frying, fats that burn constantly at high temperatures have a high risk of cancer.
Do not consume sugar and sugary foods very often. Sugar gives the body only calories. When it is consumed excessively, it causes obesity and tooth decay.
Review your salt consumption. Excessive consumption of salt may lead to high blood pressure in the future. Therefore, keep the salt shaker off the table. Do not add salt without tasting the dishes. Enrich the taste of the dishes with spices instead of salt.
Remember, these suggestions on healthy nutrition and healthy living are important not only for you, but also for your siblings, parents, family circle, friends and friends, in other words for the health of the whole society.”

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